Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Super Bowl Tidbits

This is not a finished job because I have One More Thing to find out- who the hell paid $75,000 for a ticket to this ?  Previously highest price was $70,000.  The average cheap seats rose from $4650 to $5335.

We see this  upping the ante in the parking lot - the previous cost rise from $4650 to $5,335

But your ticket is good for the half-time show featuring Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg Eminem, Mary J. Blidge and Kendrick LaMar   None of whom have I ever seen.

Food?  None I could find as I trolled around, looking.  I don't need to find concession prices; I already know they'll be nose-bleeding expensive.  The 2010 event - beer was $25 a pop, ruinous for alcoholics - bring the pink slip to your car, guys. The #1 food is order-in sausage pizza  which is said to be the #3 most popular flavor.  Sausage?  I wouldn't eat that for love nor money.  Sausage is mainly a collection of gristle, fat and salt to me.  

Back to the $75,000 ticket.  If it was a corporate buy,  used mainly for entertaining possible future clients  and is a tax write-off it makes sense.

If it's some rich asshole showing off, flashing the box keys at some steel-bellied airhead and saying to her, "It's so loud here!  But, wait!  I know a great place!, grasping her moist little hand and tugging her gently off to his lair of mischief. 

TBC - if you find the $75,000 ticket buyer, contact me instantly - I have a couple of SINGLE friends.  One good turn deserves another - if all goes well, my butt will be in a $75,000 seat.

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