Friday, February 25, 2022

I started out writing largely about restaurants.  In the passing years the focus began to change its  place   "Incidents in life,"   would now describe it better.

Shrimp boats are a'comin'; their sails are in sight...Shrimp boats are a'comin there's dancing tonight a hit for Jo Stafford in 1951

Here followsa list of local places who have mastered shrimp dishes.  In no particular order:

Charlie's,( a New York joint ) .  I go there for their Shrimp Scampi which is a combo of six big fat shrimp in a generous olive oil bath which is delightfully garlicky.  They bill it as an appetizer but it's heaven to me.  Sadly they're renovating and will be otherwise engaged in that project.  But when you do go - Caesar salad and (personal favorite) 10 in. light crust pizza with pineapple and pepperoni.

If you want to return to the '50s Old Tony's on the Pier has on offer batter-fried shrimp with the obligatory tartar sauce side and the usual red cocktail sauce.   

Bonus: views   rows of condos lining the shore, couples strolling along the beach and last not least, the open ocean below where you are sitting.  Old Tony's is more about the ambience than the food.  My always  order is the battered fried  shrimp .  Be sure to get the house salad or you could have clam chowder    Rock n'roll is here to stay!

Phuket Thai -Poo Kett  I was told ph is p in Thailand.  But of course the natural thought is quite different from that.  For all I know it's the same in Thai or in English. We haven't been in a long time but I'd go back tonight for the five or six shrimp dishes on their menu.  There's one you can make at home.  Buy a jar or Trader Joe's Yellow Curry Sauce, cook a bunch of shrimp and dump in the yellow curry.  We did go there often enough for me to remember the curry is #68 on the menu.

Maderos Cuisine Mexican for cheese-stuffed, bacon -wrapped shrimp.  They do a version of this classic with a great wedge of lemon squeezed over each shrimp.  A zesty surprise for the tongue.

Maderno's  424 350 7031

Phuket Thai - 310-374 9598

Las Brisas 310 376-6884

Old Tony's on the Pier  310 374

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