Sunday, February 13, 2022

At Home With the Super Bowl

Not having anything like $75,000 to buy a ticket for the Stupid Bowl - 75 cents being do-able am looking forward to relaxing in my own home (where the snacks and beer are and they're free, too)) watching what is all too often lamentable football 

A doctor recommends - take a water break when the players do - hydration is very important

Gulp the water and sip the beer.

Take a break from the snacks and walk around the living or house every quarter.  Helps digest the snacks.

I would counsel that you think of New Year's Eve and Super Bowl as equally lethal.  Stay off of the roads.  Especially in states that lost.  Distracted drivers mentally  replaying where it all went sidewise are just as dangerous as the drunk one lane over throwing beer cans at you.

Home safe.

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