Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Things We Think Silly - Until We Need Them

Visiting my sister in Libertyville, IL some 20 miles North of Chicago I went out to the garage for a cigarette - At -5 it was 'way out of my comfort zone.  But, what is this?  The garage wasn't freezing, but with a thick sweat shirt on it was actually quite comfortable.  In fact, compared to outdoors it was quite cozy!

When I teased her about being so rich they heat their garage, she sister said (sardonically) have you seen the weather headlines?  Would you want to try to start your car in a drafty uninsulated garage?  At - 5?  They  have to heat their garages.

Southern California doesn't have COLD that bad.  If we ever do, the prices to heat your garage range from:

$80.74  to  $1,196.46*

Go 'head on - you're rich!


Anderson IN Doug weighs in with this from a garage heater guy. " The garage heater is a ceiling furnace.  It's 220 volt and is running about twice an hour in this weather.  The electricity bill runs $22 - $25 per month.  It's necessary because the well tank and water heater would freeze." 

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