Sunday, August 29, 2021

Waiting in Vain

How many times have weather men freaked out about a possible worst ever  hurricane in (place and date) - they really go nuts.  Well, from a safety point of view this is a good thing.  "Better safe than sorry."

The mandatory photo for a weather person (usually a male) is standing near a body of water being buffeted by high winds while standing in water with a live microphone. 

  I think you're - the audience - supposed to think, "Oh, what awful winds!  How brave he is!  Not me.  I tend to think of the 1st responders who could be helping - really helping- such as  old people on their domicile's roof waiting for a motorboat to get them down.

And not some grandstanding weather broadcaster. 

Many of us may well have someone we love out there for any given weather event  and speculation about speed or arrival of the most deadly hurricane since 1899 is not helpful - especially since most often the weathermen have whipped everyone into a lather only to hear next morning "Hurricane Worst Ever has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm Worst Ever  status. 

But it is looking dolefully to be "Not this time."  God bless all involved in rescue work. And for God's sake get Granny's bottle of vodka away from her. It's not suitable for roof sitting.

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