Friday, August 13, 2021


Our (Dee, Mouton and Richie and self) beloved Poop Deck on the Strand in Hermosa Beach is closing this Sunday.  Over the years we have relished the view from their one-way picture windows at the front of the bar many times.  We particularly loved people watching from that perch because passing people are so varied.  There's only one unifying factor - the amounts of bare skin.  In some cases, yards and yards of skin

The only thing we've never seen is a man of the cloth grabbing a little sun as he strolls leisurely along the Strand waving at parish members.  

And this Sunday is it's demise said the owners.  Gossip has it that it will  become a grocery and sandwich shop.  So, as any decent person would do we are attending the funeral.  Maybe now we'll see a man of the cloth?    

And now we read that "The Deck"  it's spiffed up image name is serving food, which was something of a shock.  Never in the 40 or so years we've been going have we so much as been offered a single potato chip.  for all four of us! Now they have Cheese and Chicken Quesadillas for $4   The Deck Burger  is $10 to give you a vague idea what's on offering.  Bar food.  Too little, too late flickered through my mind.

Here is  a tidbit of history abut the (largely)  sand part of the Strand upon which  the Poop Deck sits.

It was a Spanish Land Grant in 1882;part of the Rancho Sausal Redondo.  Barley grew and sheep grazed in waves. 

And what on Earth is a Poop Deck anyhow?  It's the prow of the vessel which juts out in front  and has a hole in the floor,  It is used as you would expect.  And from that came "The Head" used on land as well.

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