Friday, August 27, 2021

The High Cost of Living

I thought that a $500 Rx was bad.  I wasn't even on planet Earth.  The $500 drug in question was a trials drug, betcha.  The doctor prescribing the drug  kept emphasizing  that it was rather expensive adding that insurance didn't cover the cost "because it's a little expensive" and it wasn't until the pharmacy called to say it was in.  Handed it over to me and said, "That'll be $500."  "For a drug that doesn't work all that well?" I howled.  "I don't want it."  The doctor had given me a small free bottle and I didn't even finish that.  

Today I got a note from my cousin, who wrote, "My sister has finished her third round of radiation to treat her liver and brain cancers simultaneously.  She told me the drug comes in pill form and costs $300,000 per pill.  She will have to take two pills about a month apart.  Her insurance plan denied the claim so her doctor got the drug maker to get her enrolled in a trial at M D Andersons Cancer Center ; both pills were reduced to a single co pay of $5,500. This drug has 42% more time . 

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