Saturday, August 21, 2021

Things That Caught My Eye In the News This Morning

Higher Ambitions

Prince Harry and his wife seem not to be content with being the Duke and Duchess of Sussex but are aiming much higher - the King and Queen of Hypocrisy.

The media was all over Harry's recent ride home from  a  polo match in Aspen  to his home in Santa Barbara, a 750 mile, two hour trip on a friend's private Gulfstream jet that seats 20.    The trip is believed to have emitted 10 tons of CO2.  into the environment.  I'm just surprised that the trip wasn't a round trip to give a lecture on the horrors  of climate change, CO2 emissions and so on.  They certainly capable of that kind of hypocrisy.

Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Henri

Something of a worry as it's supposedly on a trajectory with Long Island where more than quite a few of Richie's relatives live which is Huntington which is on the north side of Long Island.

The south side is where the swells live in huge, extremely expensive houses.  The Hamptons North and South. 

  His brother and his wife; their sons Sean and Bryan, his wife and their 17 year old daughter.  

Because the younger two (Sean and Bryan) are Baymen and work on the water - clams, lobster, and similar, they both have boats and with Henri, they have to pull their boats.  I'll ask about specific details.  Since the boats get pulled for winter, they've undoubtedly got the technique down pat.

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