Friday, August 6, 2021

Lunch Out!

Does the socializing ever stop?

Thurs. seven of the writers gathered at the Ragin'Cajun Cafe at 525 S PCH, Redondo Beach   Once in awhile we decide we should gather at noon at a restaurant.  Yesterday was it.  

The food at the Cajun is very good and moreover, the portions are insanely large.  "Could I have a go box?" rang across the traffic on Pacific Coast Hwy.  

We all had lemonade or iced tea even thought they run a full bar.  A drink before dinner, sure.  Lunch not so much.

I got fried pickles (well coated with breadcrumbs) for the table but had few takers.  This is an item that I always order now after discovering it on a previous visit - Shrimp, Crab and Corn Bisque and hold the rice.  Great looking at the table.   Given the praise my bisque got I bet every one of them will order it on their next visit.

We weren't working (reading and critiquing) but indulging in desultory chitchat.  One of our group volunteered that she grew up with Gaelic-speaking parents ergo she spoke it, too,   Some years later, forgotten, of course.  It you don't use it frequently, you lose it.  

After we were home I remembered something "Irish" in my own life.  The wit of the staircase - your best material occurs to you when you're leaving a festive gathering.

Mine.   Richie's family are all 100% Irish-American.

His parents hadn't been able to attend our recent wedding so we flew back so they could get a good look at me.  I remembered something I had read recently.  In olden days  when a great many Irish immigrated to New York and/ Boston - so many- that signs soon popped up in store and restaurant windows.  N I N A, they said "No Irish Need Apply  We all had a good laugh.

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