Tuesday, August 31, 2021

New in The Restaurant World?

I happened to glance at our tab at Hof's Hut where we'd just finished lunch which is cleverly near the eye surgeon's offices.  Of course I'd made an 11:30  a.m. appt.  A different doctor gets a 4.pm. appt so that we are well positioned for a beer  at the Pitcher house, Upper Deck.  Plan ahead for God's sake!

Back to business - Hedoism

The line that got my attention, running across the top of the bill read:

"Server: Lisa      DOB 8/30/2021"  As I studied that I thought, "That's today That's not a baby! What the hell?   The bell finally rang and I realized it had to be her birthday.

Was that a solicitation for a bigger tip because it was her birthday?  Entirely possible because the clientele is largely senior citizens and they would appreciate their regular server  with cold cash.

Hof's Hut is famous for their chicken pot pie and they have a variety of pies for dessert.  All soft on the teeth.  Huge portions to easily have again for dinner.  

Hof's Hut, 23635 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance  hofshut.com 

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