Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Day 2 of Height Hell Has Come

I am referencing a scatter shot where in:  our old redwood balcony over the years (36) which termites have done a job on.  Who do you call?  Silva Construction!  Dave   and his various crews have done all of the necessary work here for all those years.

I was dismayed and wanted and still want to destroy all the termites in North America.  This replacement balcony wasn't cheap but it will last another 30 years or so.  Silva Built Stays Built.

That balcony is two stories above the ground.  It is also only about 36/40 inches wide.  I am  terrified of heights.  Having heard very loud noises and being elsewhere in the house, I walked back into the living room to find the balcony gone except for the floor.  Just  a blank deck straight out into nothingness if you don't count the massive avocado tree and the huge tree with red berries that takes up the other half of the back yard. 

I spent the day quivering with fear.  I did say I was terrified by heights.  You could have rebutted that I could have gone downstairs and gotten away from seeing it.  And I did only now to be fearful of a worker falling past the office window!  The window is covered by the leaves of the avocado tree but how good a landing spot  they might be only calls for speculation. 

Today they're cutting the wood for the posts and slats.  And the roar of the saws is rampant over the West. 


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