Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Simone Biles - the Brittany Spears of the gymnastics world? 

Cuomo the sex fiend (or so accused).  I fault the women involved.  If you can't make it very clear to a marauding predator that his or her attentions are unwelcome you better go home and stay there.  You aren't old enough to be out in the world.  

ADD:  Last night Richie was watching an NHRA drag race and they started announcing some very familiar names - racers I covered back in the '80s such as Eddie Hill (retired as is 85; John Force, 72, still competing.  I said to Richie, "So, do they use their walkers to get from their pits to the track and their car?" 

This morning my research turned up unwelcome news - Eddie's wife Ercie  is dead at 74.  Be careful what you're looking up?

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