Monday, July 12, 2021

Whip me with chains - Slap me silly with a crispy lobster taco

Dee found a new restaurant on the Hermosa Beach Plaza.  He hadn't been in but said the menu looked promising.  That was all we needed to hear and promptly agreed on a  date for lunch  which was last Friday.

Lots of outdoor dining but it was  sunny day and it was pretty hot and so we elected to stay inside where it was dim and shadowy.  We were led into the dining/ bar area  and heaved our collective butts onto  to banquet seats. Our menus were substantial with long pages and small print.  We had to sip a Pacifico ( didn't have Maderno while pondered the menu. 

Of special credit for this (which you can do at home with minimal effort. )  Even though they bill themselves a Mexican place to our horror there were no chips and salsa.  A special keep it hot container held warmed tortillas well coated with honey butter.  Damn they were good!  A little pot of honey butter had refills.

Pretend this is from the menu (it includes prices.)

No meat Caesar  $11

Rib Enchilada Relleno  S16

Taqueria Langosta  $25.25

Taqueria Filet $13.50 

All of the food was very good.  We'd go back.

$33 in adult beverages - four Pacificos.

Palmilla Cocina y Tequila   .

The title above is a reference to the decor-  arches in doorways had long stretches  of a steel-colored chain in varying lengths.  Lobster tacos were generous with the lobster., a rarity.

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