Monday, July 5, 2021

The Development of a Terminal Smart Mouth

I wrote what follows when I was 29. At that time 1969, it was fashionable among the intelligentsia to write  little essays and give it to the other guy as an amusement.  They returned this dubious Gift. Here is a sample:  I have no idea whatsoever who Mr. Ferree is or was.  None.

Dear Roger and Audrey - 

Thanks so much for your kind invitation to join you both on New Year's Eve, but unfortunately I am attending a right wing "Fuck Communism" party at that same time in Orange County.

We have been promised that a direct descendent of Betsy Ross and her Lesbian lover, Carry Nation, will be there to ferret out any Commie rats that might want to corrupt this sacred red, white and blue gathering.

Although you know my love of Scotch, we plan to drink only good American Bourbon and make love dog style so we can salute the flag on the "stroke" of midnight.

Should you decide to give up your gathering and join ours, it is being held at the American Legion Hall and I will be wearing all of my medals.  Again, thank you for your kind thoughts and I wish you the best for the New Year

                                                                      Yours in God and for a  beautiful  America

                                                                       William Ferree



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