Thursday, July 8, 2021

Two Very Different Men

Talking about Joe Biden and the late Prince Philip by Ingrid Seward who has made a cottage industry of researching, Royals, one by one and then cranking out a book about them. 

After a little researching of my own, I discovered that in the Biden book - entitled "Joe Biden, The Life" The Run " What Matters Now" by Evan Osnos Winner of the National Book Award

It's a short book (176 pages$23)

I learned that Joe Biden had surgery for an aneurism of the brain, discovered while on the campaign trail in Rochester, NY in 1988.   Surgery saved his life but it was a long recovery process.  Perhaps that's what gives rise to all of the dementia rumors, tales today?

Some Ingrid Seward volumes :  "Prince Philp Revealed"  A much meatier book - 374 pages  $30 

"Diana: An Intimate Portrait." 

"By Royal Invitation:  At home with the royal family - how they eat,  sleep (presumably with their mate, if any".   But then I think of Charles and Camilla - not so much maybe.

Other volumes cover how to look like a royal but not be one.  Show-off at the dinner table with  proper place settings "Fish fork 5 in. closer to the butter knife...  Various glasses, champagne flutes before the red wine."

Astute readers here may pick up on Seward's main theme in all of her books - curiosity about their  life styles.  It's as though the commoners want to peek behind the curtain.  I'm certainly one and I make no bones about it.  Consider this:  Queen Elizabeth travels with a white kidskin toilet seat.  Is there a Lady of the Toilet Seat?  And Noble Women who vie for it?  God save us all  along with the Queen.

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