Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Tid Bits

 I noted in todays' paper (7/13/21)  that Johnny Gilbert, the long-time  Jeopardy! announcer is (presumably) celebrating his 93 birthday  today now  ponder this:  93 and still working! 


This requires a little visualizing (it's a cartoon.)  Several cats are waiting in line according to a sign to buy $1 tickets to Ride a Roomba! with a happy cat doing just that in the background.  

source  boredpanda.com 


We had a brief but loud rain storm this morning, and we've been in a drought so long that our cat Fred didn't remember the sound of rain on the skylight and went haring down the stairs at warp speed.  

New Holiday!  


on Tuesday  7-17  There may be Free French Fries in your future

A French restaurant in Manhattan has a Special deal - 

$200 for an order of their celebratory meal French Fries.  I vaguely remember something about summer truffles from Italy  as well as 24l edible gold  nd the meat is marinated in champagne


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