Saturday, July 3, 2021

Love Freebies?

Here's  an idea.  Yesterday was our 37th wedding anniversary and we celebrated with dinner at the Charthouse right on the sand in Redondo Beach.  

And then I got my bright idea/newest scam.  It might get you a free dessert - ours was a slab of chocolate Lava Cake.  So it works at least once.  

Bring along a picture of your wedding or other grand event -newborn or graduate or sports trophy or significant event in your life.  I do think though that an open coffin shot wouldn't be appropriate on a dinner table. 

I told our server that this would be a good promotion for the restaurant - "Celebrating an anniversary?  Bring in a picture for a free drink! (you don't need to mention that this free drink will be water)

After I told Jean  our server my great idea, she disappeared from our table, but two  minutes later was back with a water for each of us.  HIP? or WHAT?  20% tip - bet to it.

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