Tuesday, January 1, 2019

"But Look What We Could Have Seen!

All over the world (or so we are led to believe) the annual Dropping of the Ball on New Year's Eve  in Times Square, New York, is THE thing to see.  

News flash!  We shoulda been in Key West Florida.  There we could have been enthralled by the positively heavy rainstorm of fallinging stuff from high above.  Incidentally "high" has more than one meaning here if you follow my drift.

In no particular order -
The lowering of the Pirate Wench from Tall Ship 2's rigging on Schooner Wharf.

The dropping of the Conch Shell, vehicle of choice of the Conch Queen, at Sloppy Joe's.

The Red High Heel Drop which is as it sounds - a human (captions identified her as a he) reclining in some ease in a bright- red stiletto- heeled woman's shoe.  Made of wood, it is 8 ft. long with a 4 ft. spike heel.  A photo indicated that this descent was aided by the Fire Department's tall ladder.

There is no doubt that all of the above are visible in the YouTube files.  But it's not the same as actually being there - the warm sea breezes, the rising smell of beer and it's end product … the costumes of some of the participants... We are missing a hella good time.  So I propose that those interested in seeing an entire city acting insane, save our pennies and next year charter a plane to Key West and be a part of it!

We can revamp the Sinatra classic from "Be a part of it, New York, New York" to "Key West, Key West."  Frank, being dead now for quite some time is not available to record this change, but I think we're all well able to remember to change the destination.

Suck it up, New York.

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