Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A New Place To Go - Visit the Wireless Planet!

One bad thing about computers is that they go wrong - right when you might need them the most.  In the past, I have had to:  pack up the PC, lug it into such as Best Buy or pay a substantial sum to get a visit from The Geek Squad which at least comes to the house.   Next came laptops - easy enough to transport.  Now cell phones that are even easier than the laptop.

Ours developed a tick in that it would not allow me to see my own e-mail.  So as any right-thinking person would, I took it into a shop new to me called "Drop-Smash-Fix" on PCH in Hermosa.  We've driven past it a multitude of times.  Come to find out this group has quite a few locations.

But this one couldn't fix our phone and recommended just buying a new one.

Right about then, one of the members of the Anarchy Club (a group of males whose meeting place is on the front porch of the Redondo Tobacco store) counseled us to pay a visit to Wireless Planet, explaining their satisfaction with their work.

So we took it there and were quickly reassured that it could be repaired.  And it was.  Chris Olson who fixed it understood and didn't laugh at me for massive ignorance in computer science.  Many others have.  But that was yesterday.

Anyhow, not only is the firm honest - "I only charged you $80 because I didn't have to download your photos on a memory stick.  But it's like new now - I upgraded the 6 by putting in the newest app.  It's very like what you had here" taps it," so you shouldn't have any trouble with it."

And I haven't.  A good thing requires telling others.

Wireless Planet, 
1316 Aviation Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
310-318-9595 ext. 3 

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