Friday, January 25, 2019

95 Years Ago Today + Killing Cockroaches Dead (Thinking of you, Floridians)

January 25, 2019.  So - special for what? you say?  The first Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France.

16 nations took part in it; using 258 athletes who competed in 16 events (one per nation?)  in six events which included bobsled, ice hockey, speed skating, ski jumping, cross country skiing, figure skating  and curling.

How did the USA fare?  We (I use that a country designator as you must, too.  We were all hardly born in 1924!) got one gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze.  Not surprisingly, Norway (17) and Finland (11) beat the sox off of us.

Die! Cockroaches, die! 
Heloise, as is not surprising, tackled this subject today.  When I looked this up I found that there are a number of store-bought concoctions with boric acid  to spray around their habitats and, if you can get them walk across this, they will die.

"Yeah," me, too.  I've heard too many times that cockroaches will survive long after mankind is extinct.  Nuclear bombs, floods, fires, global warming - you name it and the cockroaches will be grinning up at your spirit.  Since you'll be dead but they won't.

Back to the killing field.  Spread boric acid in a well-trafficked area and sit back and wait.  I read that cocka-roaches (as is pronounced in New York) have a slick, greasy skin; the boric acid clings, they ingest it and thus commit suicide!  Warning - it's not an instantaneous event.  Plenty of time to nuke a bowl of popcorn and settle in watch old footage of a Winter Olympic that's only 50 years old.  Am not sure if they had movie cameras in 1924...

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