Wednesday, January 2, 2019

I Blame It All On the Gasoline Engine

I was relieved yesterday to learn that the Rose Bowl Parade carried through with what I privately think of as:  the Mandatory Float Fire.  Sure enough, there was one and as always, parade halt, fussing around,  tow trucks belching smells and sounds, announcers ad libbing for all they were worth …

Truly a Traditional Moment.  I went back in time and in the first parades, all of the floats were horse-drawn - in 1890 they didn't have gasoline engines except possibly on some rudimentary basis.  In 1920 cars and trucks went in to use and thus a grand tradition was launched.  

Which in this old world of strife, change, advances and declines, is welcome news.  Thank God no one got hurt.  If there has to be a traditional blaze, let it also have a happy ending. 

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