Monday, December 31, 2018

Twas the Night Before the New Year

And all through the house, Richie was bidding a 2018 farewell to all.

To the cockatiel "Lady Bird:   This is the last morning I'll uncover you in 2018 …

To Fred the cat:   "This is the last morning I'll let you out on the balcony in 2018 …

To me, the wife:  "Ahhh,  this is the last cup of coffee I'll have in 2018."

And mildly irritated because I know this is just the start of a very long day, I said, "Honest to Gawd Richie, if you stepped on an ant, you'd want to have a funeral for it!"

I left him upstairs and came down to the office, knowing full well that he was looking for an ant to honor.   I doubt if he could find it in his heart to step on it though.  

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