Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Hey, Lucille! How Ya Been?

We haven't seen Lucille since somewhere in the '90s.  For one thing she moved farther south on Hawthorne Boulevard and got a face lift.  (She looks very nice with it, too.)

Back then, we'd heard about her and so we made her acquaintance with dinner one evening.  Somebody in her kitchen was not entirely "kosher" and during the night of that tasty dinner, we both displayed the signs of food poisoning. (you don't want to know) and consequently, we haven't seen her since until yesterday (12/18/2018) when we had lunch.

Richie hadn't wanted to do this; he has a long memory when it comes to food turning on him.  I pointed out that since the '90s, they'd probably had quite a few chefs and servers pass through her doors.

We were given a choice open-ended booth and the first thing to happen there was the delivery of a complimentary basket of buttermilk biscuits with a little cup of honey-Dijon mustard butter.   The biscuits were excellent - a hard exterior, covered lightly with sugar.  Honey-mustard butter was a new and very welcome addition.

Lucille's bar was open so I ordered a Bloody Mary and Richie a huge schooner of Lucille's Blond Draft.  $6 and $7.75 respectively.  I ordered a half order ($6.99) of onion straws to go with them which were not only as good as I remembered them, but must have been the harvest from several fields of onions.  In short a huge pile of them.  The three fat bottles of different bbq sauces of Lucille's design made great dipping sauces for them.

Richie ordered the Tri-Tip Plate with barbecue beans as his side ($15.75) and I the pulled pork sandwich on a potato bread bun ($10.99.)  Richie loves barbecue beans so I ordered that as my side to give him as, based on the plates, we would have dinner of the above as well.

His tri-tip was lean and thrifty looking - slices, no bun.  My pulled pork was a huge pile of it topped with her signature cole slaw.  Both of us were too full to do much more than ask for take-home boxes.  The price for all of this largesse?  $47.48.  Lunch for two and dinner for two - $12 per person per meal.

If you'd like to make Lucille's acquaintance, she's at 21540 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance  310-370-7427   Google for her extensive menu.  And tell her "Hi" for us.

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