Monday, December 17, 2018

The Best Christmas Present!

This column got Comments!    Wheee!   Sometimes I feel as if I am in a gopher field, shouting down a hole.

Re:  Puns  "The one about puns was spot on!"

Re:  Hammacher Schlemer  "I get the H-S catalog every Christmas season and flip through it in awe at the products and prices.  I ask myself, 'Who buys that stuff?'  But then I realize someone must be buying it because they have been in business since James K. Polk was President."

Re:  Sinatra's Palm Springs Home  "So, why haven't you made an offer on the Sinatra property?  As a joke, my wife and I once made a ridiculous offer on a local mansion (named White Hall) advertised at $3 million and the owner actually countered.  We offered $92,000; the counter was $2.6 million!  We rejected it and had a great laugh. I'm sure the owner did, too."

Thank you, Indiana Doug Vermillion

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