Sunday, December 30, 2018

Green-ifying Cremation and the Mafia

In yet another thing we can do to (presumably) save the earth is commit to a water cremation while we're still around to do the paperwork.

The Mafia has been doing a sort of unofficial water cremation since the '20s.  It consists of committing the deceased as is to an endless dip in an ocean, river, lake or other suitable body of water. For variety they also practice letting Mother Nature have her way with the deceased in any handy forest or woods.

But the Greenies have refined the process - the deceased is contained in a steel pod with liquids for  alkaline hydrosis which destroys all flesh.   In as little as four hours the body is reduced to nice, clean bones which are then  ground into powder  which is then returned to the relatives.  The substance left is described as looking like ivory-colored powdered sugar.

The Mafia, having few chemists among themselves instead put the body not in a fancy steel pod but in an empty oil barrel or similar and fill up the spaces left with concrete.  Let set and get out the boat

I mention the above because in the news was the fact that outbound California Governor Moonbeam signed AB957 to do it.   Several other states have already okayed it.

Check out the 1973 movie "Soylent Green" if you want a real horror movie.   You may want to invest in a couple of oil barrels...

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