Wednesday, December 5, 2018

It Never Rains But What It Pours?

For several days I have been hunting about for something to write about.  Nothing piqued my interest.  In desperation I picked up a new cookbook at the library and leafed desultorily through it.  Eureka!  Some material!  That was day before yesterday.  Then Richie gave me a brief lesson in Economics 101 which made me laugh so much I had to let others in on this real money saver.

And then yesterday's mail brought something so funny that I laughed out loud for an honest five minutes.  I'm grinning as I type this.

Some of you may remember that last summer, in a fit of being kind to the executors of our estate, I ordered and paid for our tombstone.  See below.
I then gave the matter no further interest.  Until … yesterday when the mail woman brought an offer from St. Patrick's Cemetery Office.  It is 4/c shots of various GRAVE BLANKETS and PILLOWS for Christmas!  All are what looks to be fir; all six offerings have Big Bright Red Bows.  Prices range from $29 to $48.  An offer I'm going to refuse inasmuch as we aren't dead yet.   And for future reference, I don't want one when I'm dead either.  Waste of perfectly good money.  Further it's stupid - when did a bunch of fir branches with a big red bow ever keep anyone warm - dead OR alive?                              

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