Tuesday, December 4, 2018

In Which Richie Offers a Short Course in Economizing

Yesterday in the course of running various errands of no import here, Richie chose to drive up and down Hermosa Avenue, which with Pier Avenue are the main drags in Hermosa Beach.  Hermosa Avenue before Pier Avenue is a lesser point of interest (gyms, clothing boutiques, manicures) but continuing on Hermosa will lead you past various restaurants.

Now that you are geographically located...  He said, "Look and see if the parking meters are covered for the holidays."  I reported back, "They are."  "Good," he replied - let's take a look at the restaurants we've never eaten in and look them up.  Free parking!" with some glee.

Dutifully I pulled out my little tablet and a ballpoint and began writing.  Steak and Whisky...Dia Campo... Chelsea Pub … Standing Room … Chef Melba's which was kind of cheating because we had eaten there with "D" who loves it but I didn't particularly like it.

The results of casual poking around …  I present these (opionated) brief reviews in the event that you, too, want to go spend $75 or $100 for dinner but the parking is free.    And you can gloat and mentally give the universal "Hah!"  gesture to the City of Hermosa Beach.

Dia Campo - a taco $11.  Group seating.   No thanks.

Steak and Whiskey - No menu listed but as the sister to Abigaile and Little Sister, I know it is roaringly expensive.  Abigaile was when we went there for "D"'s birthday.

Chef Melba's - "If you and "D" want to go there and eat lamb, have at it," sez I.

Chelsea Pub and Lounge -  Purports to be an English style bistro.  This appealed (kind of)  Scotch Eggs - a hardboiled egg rolled in pork sausage with sourdough crumbs and deep fried with a curry Hollandaise.  $7.95.

Standing Room - this hits it right out of the ball park - Deviled Eggs with kimchi, scallions and bacon $5.  Of note:  happy hours are Monday, Tuesday 2:30 to 7 p.m.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 3 to 6 p.m.

Tell'em Richie sent you.

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