Thursday, December 6, 2018

O Sister! Update

This morning's paper gave fuller details on Sister Theotine and her partner in crime.  It seems that over a 10 year period, they embezzled some $500,000 (as in half a million) from tuitions, various fees and donations to go traveling and casino gambling.  Civilians, it appears, are not the only ones who cannot resist the siren sound of clanks, whistles, off-key music at the $1 - $5 slots.

Parents of students during this 10 year spree are up in arms, microwaves are full of little sacks of tar and the Dads have gone bird hunting for a ready supply of feathers.  They are particularly riled because these two perpetrators in their in their wimples and gowns are not to do any jail time.  They are so very, very sorry.  Another branch of Catholicism is picking up the tab.    Providing a great lesson to children.  Not.  Which is part of the anger from the parents.  "We raised them right!  And when we send them to school, this is what they learn?" with much (justifiable) gnashing of teeth.  Lawyers in this group are gearing up for lawsuits.  So the parents are temporarily calmed apparently.  But they didn't take the tar out of the microwave .. not just yet.

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