Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Wretched Excess

Among yesterday's errands was "buy more wet cat food."  We sauntered in to Petco and went to eyeball the goods.  Certainly they enough different brands and tastes to satisfy the pickiest cat.  We have one.  She will lap up the "gravy" and leave the meat alone.  Even though I mash the two together.  She will turn up her nose, stalk away and lash her tail.  When she thinks I am no longer paying attention, she will sidle back in and eat it.

In an effort to tempt her, I have tried a variety of flavors.  Duck seems to be popular, more than chicken which puzzles me.  There are a lot more chickens in this world (and their food cans) than there are ducks.

But yesterday's selection caused me to tell the helpful roving clerk, "Just shoot me.  This is too over the top."

I was referring to three wet foods - Purrfect brand - Grammy's Pot Pies,  Thanksgiving Day Dinner and the one that nearly put me in the local institute for the overly nervous:  ready?


Yes.  A turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken.  To feed a cat.  To make sure I had this right, I googled it and discovered an all-new horror:  CTHURKEY.  This a crab-stuffed turkey wrapped in a good-sized octopus.  

Whatever these inventors are smoking, they better cut it out.  Some of us can't take it.

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