Wednesday, June 6, 2018

And The Last Thing They Said ... Celebrity Last Words

But maybe not -
Joe DiMaggio  "I'll finally get to see Marilyn again."

Just prior to killing himself, Hemingway's fourth wife Mary said he told her, "Goodnight, my kitten."  Which begs the question of whether Mary had six toes like his Key West cats.

Steve Jobs reportedly said, "O wow, o wow, o wow."  What  was wowing him was not explained.

James Brown "the hardest workin' man in show business" told his manager, "I'm going away tonight."  and did.

Frank Sinatra's wife, Barbara, a real piece of work in my estimation, says he told her "I'm losing it."
However, he had hopes for the future.  His tombstone reads "The best is yet to come" which might be a reference to the widely-held belief that it was a tribute to his favorite love, Ava Gardner.

Sigmund Freud decided to hurry the process along after a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment so he asked his friend to give him a massive dose of morphine (apparently they didn't have fenatyl-oxycontin in those days) and as he lay there, he was heard to murmur, "This is absurd.  This is absurd."

Charlie Chaplan's priest said to him, "May the Lord have mercy on your soul," and Chaplin replied, "Why not?  After all, it belongs to Him."  Who knew he was Catholic?

Speaking of Catholics, Alfred Hitchcock had this to say.  "One never knows the ending.  One has to die to know exactly what happens after death.  Although Catholics have hopes."

Wrong!  James Dean and his mechanic Rudy Wutherich were test driving his new car.  "Slow down!" howled Wutherich to which Dean said, "That guy's got to stop when he sees us."  We all know how that ended.

Famed Down Under animal lover and pursuer Steve Irwin began to die when a sting ray sank it's barb into his heart.  Presciently, he remarked, "I'm dying."

Eleanor Roosevelt told the nurse attending her, "Utter nonsense (that she was dying) I will only die when I have fulfilled everything God wants me to do," which certainly implies a certain trust in God vis-à-vis her relationship.

Legendary couturiere Coco Chanel was always an example if only in her own mind.  She said, "You see?  This is how you die."

Winston Churchill, well into his dotage, said, "O I am bored with it all," slipped into a coma that lasted nine days and died.  It was believed he was referring to the 10 strokes that had previously waylaid him.

Marie Antoinette was not concerned about bread vs. cake - her last words were "Pardonnez-moi" (pardon me) to the hangman whose foot she had stepped on during the walk to the guillotine.  That was manners!


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