Saturday, June 16, 2018


Himself is 77 today.  He is a disappointing "birthday boy" in spades.  Year after year, he says, "It's just another day."  This is an attitude that is totally foreign to me.  If the celebrations don't run for at least one week, I consider that a non-birthday.  I was 27 in April.

Not any sort of celebration, but we had Double Bacon Scallops for dinner last night.  Richie liked it and since I invented it, so did I.

However many sea scallops seem appropriate.  Sauté them in olive oil and set them aside to seep  out some, at least, of the juice.
1 T butter
2 T Trader Joe Bacon Jam
1 strip pre-cooked bacon, cut in 1-in. pieces
Mix the butter and jam in a little skillet, heat and pour gracefully over the scallops.  Insert a piece of bacon on each scallop in a decorative way and serve.  Bon appetite!

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