Tuesday, June 5, 2018

And Eight Days Later We Vote

Eight days ago it was Memorial Day and many of us saluted our fallen US. military members.

Today, eight States hold Primaries.

When our freedoms cost lives, the least we can do to in some way repay these people is VOTE!

I have heard real, actual people whine thusly:  "Oh, my vote doesn't count."   or "Well, my husband/wife is an X and I'm a Y so our votes cancel each other out."

Specious reasoning.  I call bullshit on both excuses for not voting.  In my mind, there IS no excuse for not voting unless you are physically unable to get out of bed or legally mentally deranged.

Wrapped up (rightfully) in our own lives, this is about the only thing we can do to express ourselves.

Do it!  Trow da bums out!  Either party!

And thank a veteran.

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