Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Bewildering Array of Choices - June 14th

Flag Day is the oldest celebrated event as the Second Continental Congress signed the legislature necessary to make what we see today.  That was June 14, 1777.  I read up on this and nowhere did I see any mention of Betsy Ross who sewed, tis said, the first example.  Well, 1777, women were considered mainly the opprobrious term "housewives."

The celebrations seem to be limited to flying the flag and a parade.

There are, however, other events we can sink our teeth into … today is National Strawberry Shortcake Day as well as National Bourbon Day.

This day celebrates National Family History Day; the US Army's Birthday, National Nursing Assistants and World Blood Donors Days.

Put up the flag, have a restorative shot of bourbon, dig into strawberry shortcake and mentally praise the fact that you have a family history - weren't a foundling left in a doorway - the fact that you don't need a blood donation (I sincerely hope this) and that nursing assistants are available if you did.

(Spat of hands)  There.  Have a great day!  

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