Sunday, June 10, 2018

Summer Quaffs

Do you remember a long time ago when Boone's Apple Wine was derided as the homelesses beverage of choice?  It was frequently mentioned in old detective novels.   And with some scorn.

To my amazement, it still exists, is a subsidiary of Gallo and has added new flavors.  Instead of being limited to the humble apple only, one can now sample Boone's Wild Cherry or Strawberry Hill or - brace yourself - Watermelon.  Yeah.  Watermelon Wine.  Paging Willie Nelson.

For a quick and dirty drunk though, the alcohol content of 7.5 % ABV, would be hard to beat.  Kansas beer is a modest 3% or basically beer-flavored water.  I know because all through junior college a select group of us would pile into my civilian '49 Jeep, cross the line from Missouri into Kansas and hole up at The Key for afternoon libations.

For fun, I throw this in - liquor store window  near a rather downtrodden and beat-up trailer park:

"We have White Trashfinder   Grape Expectations   NASCARbernet   I Can't Believe It Isn't Vinegar and Chateau Ghetto ON SALE!

For our discerning drinkers we have all four Boone's Apple Farm selections.  Not on sale.

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