Saturday, June 9, 2018

Today's Race - Belmont Stakes

Another chance for inglorious defeat!  Because there are no grey horses in the field, because my going with a name of the horse that appeals rarely wins, this time I am trying something different.  I looked at each horse's record!  Amazing information!

I picked the hardest name on the track today to say properly without thinking about - meet Gronkowski!  Of six races, he has won four, came in second once and never got a third.  He's going off at 8 to 1 which sounds reasonable.  Others have spotted him, too …

However:  if the rain predicted for Long Island today takes place, go back to your betting sheets and look for a "mudder", i.e. a horse that runs well in slop and glop.

Because Belmont is not the Kentucky Derby, long of legend and crazy ass hats, plus possible rain, the ladies may all be wearing yellow slicker hoods.  A veritable sea of yellow!  Look for it!

Watching these beautiful horses.  I always get a lump in my throat when they are brought out and shown off prior to the race.  Such grace!  Such dainty legs  that look incapable of holding them up never mind galloping which is a pounding gait at best.  But they also have the huge, muscled haunches that provide the power.   The graceful arch of the horse's neck, the large curiously moist - looking eyes …

A horse race is a feast for our eyes.  Even if there aren't any grey horses entered.

Notes on a Horse Race
I'd never seen this, but at the Belmont they take a group portrait of the jockeys.  It reminded me of high school.  Six of them sat on white wrought-iron garden chairs and the other four stood behind them.  I'm looking at this and I burst out laughing - remember, "All of you short ones in the front, please."  Hell's afire they're all short ones!

Another new thing - evidently a dignitary is chosen to give what would be, in Indy racing, the go sign.  Instead the coach of the NY Giants yelled, "Go Giants! Gentlemen up!"  In the same breath.

I wonder if the Athlete(s) of the Year in various magazines will be Jockey Mike Smith - and horse Justify.

On a more personal matter, I bet $2 on Gronkowski 2nd. He went off at 22 to 1.   Bless his heart, he did it!  I won $13.80 on a $2 investment!  Unfortunately it was a fantasy bet. Hmmm... Is Santa Anita open?

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