Monday, August 28, 2017

Rockport Update

This came in this morning concerning the fellow classmate and his wife who had to flee Rockport as reported yesterday.

"Just had some friends go by our home in Rockport.  Doors, windows and roof are okay.  No flooding.  One broken small palm tree and fence down in places.  Still without water, electricity, sewage, etc.  We are going home tomorrow.  Thanks for all of your prayers."

Bill, our class correspondent,  added that he also heard from several other classmates who have relatives or friends in Houston or the Gulf Coast area.

"Phil and I were in Rockport until we had to evacuate.  We have friends that have a condo there.  He went in yesterday to see the damage.  Parts are really bad.  We were planning to go back in two weeks, but don't think that will happen.  (We're) praying that Larry's is one (of the houses) that made it without too much damage. 
"Also, please pray for our son and his family that live in Houston.  They have had 17 in. at their house and expecting another 20 - 30 inches.  So far they are okay, but not with another 20."  Gloria and Phil Rollins

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