Saturday, August 5, 2017

83 Years At the Public Trough or $14,442,000 to One Family

Of  course, it took two generations and a wife to last this long as US Congressmen. 

The first generation was John Dingell, Sr., Mich. (D) who only lasted 22 years, dying in harness at 61 as a result of asthma. 

His son John Dingell, Jr., Mich. (D) is the record breaker.  He finally bailed in 2015 after 59 years in office.  Today he is 91 years old and his wife Debbie, Mich. (D) was the first woman to be elected to take her husband's seat without having to be a widow first.  She won the 2014 race and has been in office since 2015.   She is 63 so her longevity can be predicted.  And a long time would get my bet.  I have to wonder when Michigan will just give it up, secede from the United States and become the State of Dingell.   

Especially since there seems to be an adequate back field - Dingell, Jr. and his first wife had four children before divorcing in 1972.  They had been married in 1952 when penicillin had been invented and "Eat Your Veggies!" was popular so the presumption is that these kids grew up rarin' to go sit in Daddy's seat. 

Why is it so much fun to be a US Congressman?  Well for one thing you hardly ever have to go to work.  Congress typically works one day in three (33 per cent of the year, 67 per cent for travel, attempted seduction of pages, long, well lubricated lunches - and dinners - common knowledge:  your liver goes first) and Congress cranked out only 130 days of work in 2015.   They only worked 18 hours a week in 2013. 

Base salary:  $174,000 year.  Other little perkies - free airport parking at Reagan ($22/day for us) with free flights to and from your home state (tax payers treat), no charge for re-booking a flight.  Your workplace has a free on-site gym with pool, sauna, HD TVs. 

You will be given a $900,000 staff budget with an additional travel budget of $250,000.  I was unable to determine whether if you don't hire any staff and just use family members, if the politician gets to keep the $900,000 him/herself.  I wouldn't bet against it. 

Dingell, Sr. - 22 years
Dingell, Jr. - 59 years
Ms. Dingell - 2 years 

I vote for Term Limits!  The above is disgusting and shameful.  Not that any politician ever felt shame for any misdeeds.   Dingell kids!  Give it up!  Michigan voters!  Get off of your languid asses and V O T E. 

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