Sunday, August 20, 2017

Blink and You'll Miss It

Tomorrow's much hyped total eclipse (WOW!) will be seen for a grand total of two minutes, 40 seconds, anywhere along its path.

Your cell phone will not go dead.  The climate will not plummet into the low 30s.  Your pets will not suddenly stop whatever they were doing and go to sleep thinking it is bedtime; outside birds will most likely just keep flying.  They will not drop like stones, onto the nearest branch for sleep. 

As always, given a shred of fabric, the scare media makes a tablecloth.  Where they will dine in glee at having scared you.  Don't give them the pleasure. 

If you live near the beach, you, your pets and the wild birds won't even know about it.  We're scheduled for overcast Monday and all the rest of the week. 

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