Friday, August 11, 2017

Robbery Foiled

Yesterday I mentioned that Zazou, a French restaurant in Riviera Village, was offering a three courses for $40 per person special menu.   Richie and I looked at each other and the decision was made that quickly.  We would go and ravish this menu, knowing that many restaurants put in one of their big ticket dishes such as filet mignon with various sauces.  

We were told "Sit anywhere" and once we'd plopped our butts down, the server Daniel D  approached and laid out a wine menu, the regular food menu and the three course menu.  We glanced at each other and grinned.  This was what we'd come for - let the games begin!

Unfortunately, there was nothing at all on it that we would eat.   Colorado lamb.  Nope, don't eat lamb.  Richie asked me what Brick Chicken was and after I'd explained, he turned it down.  He didn't explain, but I got the feeling that he thought it was a rather rude thing to do to a hen.  In short, so much for robbing the kitchen profits blind. 

Richie has developed a fondness for beef short ribs that have been cooked longer than FDR was in office and ordered them.  They came with braised spinach, another love of his. 

I ordered the Shrimp Toast, remembering the Duchess of Windsor's favorite appetizer, made of half baby shrimp and half butter with a pinch of nutmeg, creamed together and used as butter on toast rounds and baked.   It had always sounded good and quite naturally, I've never stirred myself enough to make it.

Zazou's shrimp toast is quite different.  Picture an oval dish with a long slice of toasted and grilled baguette covered with flavored olive oil, sautéed cherry tomatoes, sautéed shrimp (the big ones) cubes of feta cheese, garnished with sprigs of arugula.   We split it because it was a lot for a single serving.  We nodded knowingly at each other as we chewed.  We'd lucked into some good stuff. 

I am still in the hunt for a perfect Caesar salad, so I ordered the hearts of romaine salad (aka Caesar) and it arrived in a deep bowl, whole  fronds sticking gracefully out of the top, garnished with another slice of toasted, grilled baguette but with a smear of seasoned, lemony avocado.  Served in a bowl and not flat on a plate said, "Finger food" to me so that's how I ate it.    It was excellent, I loved salad as finger food and it is definitely in the Finals for Best Caesar. 

I think it should be mentioned that we have three French restaurants in our area - Crème de la Crepe (two - Hermosa Beach and Riviera Village,) Dominque's Kitchen and Zazou.  One would expect French speakers on the staff at any or all of them.  Zazou - zero.  Dominque's Kitchen - one.  Crème de la Crepe was ALL French speakers when they first opened but no more.  I think this may come under the general heading of misleading advertising.    Still, I don't have to have a Frenchman serve the salad - God gave me fingers.

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