Thursday, August 10, 2017

Continuing Research - Dimple Update

Today (8/10/17) six of us presented ourselves at Thurs. Writers aka the South Bay Writer's Workshop. 

We numbered three men and three women.  Two of the women have dimples.

Admittedly, this is a very small sample. Still it was more than I had expected to find in such a small sample.

We're dining out tonight at Zazou, Riviera Village, because they are planning to close end of August to do some renovation.  If it's the public areas they are planning to re-work, it's unnecessary.  They're lovely.  Am particularly fond of the massive old mirror that must measure 6 by 4 ft. with a very heavy-looking rough old wood frame.  The whole thing must weight 500 lbs. plus.

Anyhow I will put a gimlet eye on servers and customers alike.   After I make my selections from the We're Closing menu - three courses, $40.  They have very good escargot and wooonderful baguette chunks among other things.  Richie has probably cast his eye on the beef short ribs. 

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