Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Can I Offer You Some Swineapple?

Apparently foodies are now turning their noses to the aromas of pork and pineapple; their ears to the crackle of cooking bacon and their salivary glands are working overtime!

Who knew?

"Swineapple" is a cute name for a fresh pineapple, cored, and the vacant space filled with cooked, pulled pork or stuffed with Spam.  Then a lattice of bacon strips is draped over it cunningly and the whole mess is put on an outdoor grill or in an indoor oven. 

I read that a bacon lattice is made in the same manner one would make the lattice for a pie.  I think just the bacon lattice all by itself would make an attractive dish as an appetizer - put it out whole on a platter with a sharp knife and let guests cut their own portion.  Add to the merriment by basting it with a mix of brown sugar and whisky as it cooks.  It should crust up nicely and give a visual and taste bud treat.  Cook the lattice at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, plus or minor. 

On the other hand ... Saute rings of fresh pineapple, put them on a plate, fill the hollow with pulled pork and garnish with an "x" of grilled bacon strips.  One strip halved should work just fine per pineapple ring.  Let's not get giddy here.  Bacon doesn't grow on trees.

Want proof?  This is an old Israeli/Jewish saying:  "Such-and-such will happen when pork chops grow on the palm trees in downtown  Tel Aviv."  I think you can take that pretty much as the long way of saying, "Never." 

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