Tuesday, August 22, 2017

More of Richie's Treasures

Periodically he decides to go through some of his collection and he makes a point of showing most of it to me.  Baseball cards and sprint car magazines are lusterless to me somehow. 

Among yesterday's gold and dross was an information sheet from the good ship Jubilee on which we traveled touring the Mexican Riviera in 1990 to celebrate my 50th birthday.   Obviously there have been some changes in ships since 1990, but it's fun to look back. 

Trivia - built in 1986, and is the largest ship to ever come out of Scandinavia (built in Malmo.)

We toured the Bridge and according to the information sheet we were given...

Satellite Communications Terminal - Inmarsal Raytheon JUE 35A
This system provides high-quality telephone, telex data and facsimile services.  Calling is fast and easy, and because transmissions are by  line of sight microwave radio, they are virtually unaffected by weather or ionospheric conditions."

Since I understand exactly nothing of the above, but it sounds like a good idea, let us find something I could understand.  The following has probably been around since the '30s.

Why is a ship called "She"?   BECAUSE:

There is a great deal of bustle around her
She has a waist and stays
It takes a lot of paint to keep her looking good
It's the upkeep, not the initial expense that breaks you
She is all decked out
It takes a good man to handle her
She shows her topsides; hides her bottom sides
When coming in to port, she always heads for the buoys!

I did say "1830s" didn't I?

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