Friday, August 4, 2017

Good News and a Dramatic Murder Case (For a Beach Town)

First the good news.  After a routine appointment with a doctor, some health plans mandate that the patient be given a paper report about their visit and specifically, their weight, height, BP, oxygen being sucked in, and ... Body Mass Index (BMI) with set boundaries. 

How do you know your BMI?  Height vs. Weight.  Then you go to the BMI chart and see what your number might be.  The boundaries are clearly spelled out.

After one of my routine visits a couple of years ago,  I was bitching about my BMI to "Raffish" who is a medical doctor.  "Raffish" laughed and said BMIs are totally useless for any kind of scientific value.  He said, "Do you know where they get their numbers?  From healthy military enlistees - many of whom were only 18 - in WW2!"  

A physical trainer in the Sept. issue of Readers Digest says that it's an outmoded way ... that creates confusion and even misrepresentation of the body's composition. That it ignores the fact that muscle weighs more than fat; thus, a body builder could be considered clinically obese when he/she has not an ounce of fat on their entire body.   So fuggeda bout it. 

Excitement here in usually laid back Redondo Beach.  A murder trial is cranking up in the case of a man who got into a domestic with his long-standing g'friend (they have a five year old son) and he apparently stabbed her to death.  The coroner testified that he "gutted" her with four stab wounds leaving her insides looking like "Swiss cheese."

The alleged killer claims that they got into it, she punched him (former police officer) and he slapped her with an open hand.  He then claims he went to the bathroom to give the situation a chance to de-escalate and later left the bathroom after a shower at which point she came at him with a 15 in. hunting knife in a threatening manner.

They were wrestling around (according to the defense) and she fell face down on the bed into the upright knife, he fell on top of her and they continued fighting until she (allegedly) said, "I think I'm dying" and apparently proceeded to do just that. 

I'm sorry.  You could fall face down on an erect knife once, but not four times.  Hang the bastard. 

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