Thursday, March 23, 2017

Too Little, Too Late

I read that the perpetrator of the London attack had been discovered to be a rampant radical some years ago - but he was not arrested, merely left to his own nefarious pursuits.  To quote Shakespeare, "The law are an ass." (They talked funny back then.)  Same thing with the Bataclan nightclub in France.  The perpetrators came from Molenbeek, Belgium, "which has become notorious for radicalization."

Meanwhile ... Germany, Spain and Switzerland re the ban on electronic devices on board the plane have taken a contrary attitude which seems to be "Come in from any Middle Eastern or North African hot spots and bring your electronics!  We don't care!"

But before we get too smug ... Chicago gang funerals are fraught for everyone but the deceased in the coffin.  Funeral directors routinely hire security or off-duty police to attend and guard these funerals.

The funeral directors delivering the deceased to the church have to be careful not to be wearing any colors associated with any of the gangs and to take routes that keep them safely outside of gang areas. 

One funeral director reported that she watched the brother of the deceased step up to the coffin to pay his last respects.  Another man approached, threw an arm around him and the funeral director thought, "How nice - he is consoling him" when the guy whipped out a knife and stabbed the mourner. 

Gang members now make it a practice to attend the funeral of the person they killed for bragging rights with their gang.  Snickers from the back pews. 

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