Monday, March 6, 2017

Red Alert, LA County Dwellers!

According to news reports, Harrison Ford is back in the air again.  He was seen pre-flight testing (chin-ups off of the tail rotor are pre-flight?) at Santa Monica airport on Saturday.  His eventual destination was either not known or not announced.  And "destination" may be a moot point given his recent flying history. 

It was an enormous helicopter or so it looked and it was clearly a two-pilot deal because there was ample cockpit room and two seats.  An apparently older photo showed him at the controls and a teen-aged looking woman in the copilot's chair for a charity appearance of some sort. 

The charity part might be that they evidently landed safely or never took off.  One or the other, it could be considered luck and the charity of God Himself to walk away from a Ford flight. 

While you're sitting around waiting for the inevitable plane crash, you could amuse yourself with a wonderful Website I came across that prints true (?) obituaries - "Jim Bob Jackson, dies at 74 - much longer than he deserved" or "Barbara Ellen Schnafftag - Sampled the entire Haagen-Daas line"  Ed. note:  "and promptly died of a sugar overdose?"  "unfortunate fall after slipping on a pile of empty ice cream cartons"?

What I cannot figure out and what I would welcome opinions on is:  did the deceased write these obits about themselves?  Did a family member write them?  Were said deceased actually dead or not?  Is this whole thing an exercise in writing? 

Something more to worry about ... while I rewrite my own obit.  It's a little cut and dried right now  It needs a flair of some sort ....  Toying ...

"Despite passing herself off as a writer, Murphy was anything but.  Her plagiarism and inability to write anything she hadn't sniffed out in another source was legendary."

"She was charged with intellectual property theft many times, but proudly boasted, "I never did time!  So hah!" 

"Her life's ambition was to have a champagne named for her; she never did despite numerous bribes to grape pickers in the French champagne region.  The pickers happily took her money but never understood a word she said." 

This is fun!  Write your obit today!  But keep an  eye on the window - especially if you live on a golf course.

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