Monday, March 13, 2017

Oh, Go Fly A Kite!

Saturday night a thick fog moved in on the beach cities.  Sunday morning dawned, but we didn't see it (or much of anything else) because the fog had clearly decided to vacation here for a bit.

It is disconcerting, even though we're used to it, to look across the living room to the balcony with it's redwood fence/railing and to see absolutely nothing else beyond said railing except for ... a grey nothingness.

"It'll burn off," we reassured each other and went about our business.  At 1:30 p.m. we drove off to attend the monthly jazz club meeting.  But, what ho?!  There was a ton of traffic near the Redondo Pier; parking was non-existent and we wondered why?    Cars crowded the Esplanade in both directions.

Not like it was a good beach day when you can't see your feet for the fog ... the ocean was just a dim memory because it couldn't be seen from the sand; for that matter, you couldn't see the sand, blanketed as it was.

We speculated on the cause for all of the traffic that was really more expected on a sunny July day.
I joked that I sure hoped it wasn't the International Kite Day Contest and we both laughed.

At the jazz club, I asked around and ... it was the Festival of the Kite's 43rd celebration of our friend the joyous kite! 

And now, Monday morning, the fog is as implacably there as it was Saturday night.  But today we can easily see across the street.   Too bad we don't have a kite to fly.

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