Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fake News? April Fool's Joke?

Giselle Fetterman and Cindy McCune, of Pittsburg and environs, have come up with the idea of selling hijabs for Barbie dolls.  Calling their product "Hello Hijab" they plan to start selling these after-market products for $6 each on APRIL 1st. 

The pair said that they pay the workers who actually make the hijabs $15/hour and that 100% of the profits will be given to the Islamic Center of Pittsburg, the ACLU and the Jewish Family and Childrens' Service. 

They are anxious to teach their daughters diversity and to promote understanding between Muslims and others.  Fetterman's daughter has an extensive collection of diversity (?) dolls including various races, ethnicities  and a doll in a wheelchair.   

Indoctrinating your daughter to accept some of the atrocities perpetrated against Muslim women in the guise of "diversity" strikes me as perhaps not the greatest idea in the world.  I can only hope that given the sell date that this is all an elaborate April Fool's joke.  Please, Allah.

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