Friday, March 31, 2017

"Don't Make Me Open Up a Can of Whoop Ass on You"

But:  if you like hot sauces, do open this container of Whoop Ass.  We had dinner at Coyote Cantina last night and there were five bottles of sauce on the table - old favorites Tabasco and the one with a round wooden ball for a lid and ... three bottles shaped to look like standing cowboys and the cap was a little plastic cowboy hat.  They were labeled Whoop Ass and included:  bacon, roasted garlic and chipotle which was billed as sizzling but wasn't, really. 

All three were good and the bacon was particularly tasty dotted on a swad of guacamole on a chip. 
Amazon sells a gift pack of all three in 6 oz. bottles for $18.55. 

Or, to get your fix, you could go to Coyote Cantina, 531 N. PCH, Redondo, or visit to see them. 

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