Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2020 Is Going To Be Epic

There are a couple of things that have to happen before greatness overtakes us.

Las Vegas has to build and complete a football stadium.

The Raiders have to hold true to management's promise that the team will move to Las Vegas. 

If both of the above occur in a timely manner, then stand back! 

But only if today's players are as downright nasty as the old guys - Kenny Stabler, Fred Bilitnekoff, Lyle Alzado ... the guys who never took the field entirely sober or without a hangover or having a pretty girl driving the getaway car. 

A respectful suggestion to Raider management - cut a long-term deal now - before anything happens - with a local outfit called hangoverheaven.com   They have a recovery bus that comes to your hotel and hydrates you or gives a B12 injection to put last night behind you and today in your face. 

Finally a match made in Heaven - in Sin City, no less.

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