Sunday, March 26, 2017

English Dating Slang

The Daily Mail was enlightening this morning, a rarity in their world where the whole rt.hand side of the page is pictures of young women wearing very little clothing.  Legs are described as "pins;" "flaunts" is used frequently to describe what the nearly nude lady is showing off, such as side boob, a muscled haunch,  a trim set of abs ... you get the picture, dismal as it is. 

But today they moved to the left and ran an actual article on the doughty subject of dating slang in England.    As we've been married 34 years, I was more than a bit clueless on this subject.  Some of these expressions were things I'd done but now with a new name.  Old:    "Home wrecker"  "terminal flirt" "slut"  Be that as it may. 

"Bread crumbing" as in Hansel and Gretel and the witch who lured the kids to doom.  This is flirting with no intent to follow through.  We have names for that, but it's Sunday morning and inappropriate but "tease" is part of the phrase.

"Benching"  This is a sports term deliberately and is a reference to having The Talk to Define The Relationship aka the four most feared words in the dating world:  we need to talk. 

"Cuffing Season" a winter relationship inspired largely by the really shitty weather anywhere but California or Florida. 

A sad (for one of the couple anyhow) sequence of behaviors is this:  The Slow Fade - slower and slower response to e-mail, phone messages until the person is gone; "Ghosting" is the same thing.  Once half of the couple has ghosted or faded from daily life and then re-thinks it and starts to try to make contact again, this is called "Zombie-ing" or coming back to life, albeit a half-life at that. 

Now you know how to sound like a native Brit dater.  Cheery bye!

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